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How to add items to the Swap Shop

1) If your not a registered member of the site register here.

2) Click th link "For Members Only" in the top menu bar then click the link "Add new item to Swap Shop".

3) First thing you see is a place for a "Item Image:", but you can't add one yet. You'll add the picture later in the edit site.

4) Next, under the heading "Item Info" fill out the following:

5) Under the heading "Item Description:" type in a description of your item or service and any other details you like.

6) Click the bottom button labeled "Submit new item".

Your item has been added! Now if you like you may upload an image of your item. See how below:

Add an image of your item.

1) Click the link "Edit your Swap Shop items."

2) Below the "Item Image:" heading and below the image you will see a button labeled "Browse...". Click this button and you will be able to browse your local file system to the directory where you have stored the image of your item.

3) Highlight or select the image file and click the save button. This should return you to the browser page where you will see the directory path now displayed in the form field next to the browse button. Don't worry that you cannot see the whole directory path in the form field; it's all there.

4) Click the button "Change Image".

That's it! Your done! Now sit by the phone and wait for someone to call to buy your stuff.